Breakthrough Treatment for ACL Injuries

Currently in clinical trials, Martha Murray’s ACL surgical repair technique allows the torn ACL to heal itself by using a bridge, or scaffold, to hold blood products between the two torn ends of the ACL long enough for surrounding cells to grow into and reunite the separated ends.

Treating Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis

This team has developed a drug delivery system that releases – from inside the joint - an injected drug in response to osteoarthritis, while providing pain relief and potentially preventing joint degeneration. Note: Joerg Ermann, MD, has replaced Antonios Ailprantis, MD, PhD, on this project.

Monitoring the Movement of the Brain

This device will top what is currently available -- accelerometers – which can only track the movement of the head. The NINscan is the first device to track the movement of the brain inside the skull which could eventually help prevent and treat concussions in athletes who are in motion.

Understanding the Athlete’s Heart

Aaron Baggish’s research explores how strength training may affect the heart, which can differ from the effects of endurance training. Strength training makes the heart walls stiff and inflexible, and challenges the organ to work harder to fill with blood.