Alixandra Nozzolillo

Associate Director of Player Relations

Alixandra (Alix) Nozzolillo is the associate director for player relations. She is responsible for overseeing former NFL player engagement, participant enrollment and retention, and leads the team in building trust and rapport with former players. In addition, she manages both the former player and family advisor boards. Prior to this work, she spent several years providing program management in public health policy towards establishing an evidence base for care of children and youth with special healthcare needs at Massachusetts General Hospital. Early in her career, Nozzolillo worked as a clinical research coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital, and spent several years in the lab as a research technician for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, and in the department of neuro-oncology at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Nozzolillo holds a BA in communication with a minor in chemistry from the University of Washington, and an MS in molecular and cellular biology from Boston College.

Team: Research Team


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