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FEM-FL: Family Experiences
Managing Football Lives

What do partners and spouses of NFL
players experience? We are examining
their physical, mental, and emotional
health, as well as their careers, in this
pilot study.

Do Former Football
Players Age Faster?

Read about our research on how
age-related health conditions may
impact former players earlier, as
well as action items for former players.

Our latest findings,
plus action steps
and resources from
leading researchers.

Check out our recent
groundbreaking papers.

Maximizing the Health
of Former NFL Players

Read about our research portfolio that
contains important health information,
relevant resources, and research in progress.

How does your unique playing
experience impact your health?

Participate in our health
questionnaires to help us find out.

By the players, for the players

We want to hear from former players
– about their ailments, concerns, and ideas –
so we can improve former player health.

Former NFL Tight End

After the Game Is Over.

Former NFL players from around

the country come to Boston for

head-to-toe health assessments.

Family plays a significant
role in former players' lives.

Our family advisors provide
unique insight on former players,
and help guide our research.

Family Advisors

Former football players tell their unique stories

Don Davis
Doing Studies Well
John Sinnott
For a Better Understanding
Matt Bahr
Being a Teammate
Lester Archambeau
It's about the Player
Isaiah Kacyvenski
Gather and Preserve
Mickey Washington
Studying the Entire Body
Paul Zukauskas
Nothing Comes Close
Nolan Harrison
An Evidence-Based Study
Pisa Tinoisamoa
Thinking About My Teammates
Max Lane
For Future Generations
Chad Brown
Understanding the Big Picture
Steve DeOssie
Living a Healthy Life


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