John Sinnott

Player Advisor

John Sinnott played four seasons in the NFL for the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants. He has done volunteer work in Haiti, and worked with the National Football League Players Association to run a clinic in Great Britain teaching about American Football. Sinnott currently works as the vice president and Rhode Island Business Unit Leader at Gilbane Building Company, and is actively involved on boards and nonprofits in the Rhode Island area. A graduate of Brown University with a degree in civil engineering, Sinnott makes his home in Massachusetts with his wife, Cathleen, and their three children, Colleen, Terrence, and Desmond.

Team: Player Advisors


Colleen Sinnott - #ThankYouDad

My Dad: “How did it go, but more importantly how do you feel like you did? How did you do? The most important thing is to feel like you did your personal best.” - Colleen Sinnott, daughter of John Sinnott

For a Better Understanding

Listen to John Sinnott talk about his bond with teammates, and how this Study can help former players.