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January 23, 2016

Harvard Chan: This week in Health

Bill Meehan, MD, an associate director of the Study, was a guest speaker on the podcast Harvard Chan: This Week in Health on January 22 to discuss the urgent need for research on the conditions football player former players face.

He noted that our Study is unique because it addresses the whole player, while incorporating ongoing feedback from this community on what concerns them — and their families — most.

“We thought that the potential effects of repetitive head trauma would be something they’d be interested in,” said Dr. Meehan. “It turns that while it is, they are perhaps even more interested in musculoskeletal injuries and in the prevention of tearing their ACL.”

Tune in at 7:25 to hear more about the range of injuries and risks players face, including concussions, and how we’re working toward solutions.


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