The Personal Network Study

What type of support structure do you have? How do the people in your network influence your health and behavior?

NFL Player & Family Advisors Discuss Brain Health

What are the questions about cognition and thinking style that are most important to former NFL players and their family members?

The Personal Network Study with Dr. Dhand

Personal networks are conduits for support, information, and health behaviors. How do your networks impact your health?

By Angela Reese
April 30, 2018

Research Huddle Podcast: The Brain Health Study

The purpose of the Brain Health Study is to gain a better understanding of brain health in former professional football players. Through a series of online assessments that evaluate memory, attention, personality and temperament, this study collects data on individuals’ ability to think and process information.

This Research Huddle podcast episode features a conversation between Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, director of targeted research studies for the Football Players Health Study, Laura Germine, PhD, who adapted her work with TestMyBrain into the Brain Health Study, and our epidemiology project manager, Jillian Baker.

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